• T2P

    "SaleTale is a Cloud based smart application, It is tailored to help you in managing your entire sales channel efficiently. With our SaleTale smart application you get complete picture, at the same time it helps you automate the business tasks of sales "

  • Visitor Management System

    " VMS is our core product, and till time we have been very much successful in its implementations across various central government organizations like Refineries, pharma & Chemical companies. This is used where high level security check of every person & vehicle coming into the company premises is important. "

  • T2P - Teachers to Parents

    "T2P is a Unique and user friendly structure for Complete School Administration with an effortless communication between teachers and parents."


• Admission Process:Manage Admission, Provisional Admission, Cancellation of admission, printing of ID cards, document collection etc.
• Student Enrollment, Assigning Roll Numbers, Register Numbers, Class, Division, Exam Numbers, DMS (document management system) etc.
• Teacher and Staff management - Teacher/Staff Enrollment, Assigning Classes, divisions and subjects, Individual authorization as per their roles.
• Communication - Communication of school with Parents of students through SMS, Email and Parents login which includes Attendance, Results,Progress Report, Behavior, Homework/Calendar etc.
• Certificates - Create and Issue Certificates like Bonafide, TC, Migration, Sports etc.
• Fees Management - Creating Fee Heads, Manage Fee by caste and category, Full and partial fees management, Printing of fee receipts etc.
• Time Table and Attendance - Design and manage time table, Attendance management.
• Exam Result Management - Grade result management, Marksheet Generation, sending result through communication module, generating performance sheets etc.
• Payroll - Payroll with biometric attendance for staff, Payroll Reports.
• Library Management - Book inventory management, issue of books to the students, fine on late submit, respective reports, purchase of books from vendors, their payments.
• Transport Management - This includes all the things which are related to transport like bus management, drivers assigned, time of arrival, time of reach, students on bus.
• Security - System with our own dedicated server, Duel login system, Auto online and offline backup.
• Support - Four Level Support i.e. Online Support Ticket,Chat,Phone and onsite support.

• It's Simple, affordable, high quality Application.
• You Can move your school closer to paperless: Elimination paper can provide space, lower storage costs, and improved access to information.
• Smooth connectivity between all department of school: It's very much smooth transition of information flow and also avoids your repeated entries of students, teachers other staff members, library books, salary structures, fee structures, marks managements, Calendars and many more.
• Communication of school with Parents of students through SMS, Email and Parents login which includes Attendance, Results, Progress Report, Behavior, Homework/Calendar etc.
• User Friendly: Takes less time to accomplish a particular task, Operation can be learned by observing the oject or tooltip or our runtime guidelines, also it's more satisfying to user.
• Customer Support: Real time support*-T2P treats the first sale to a new customer as the beginning of a long-term relationship. A key part of this relationship is the post-sale support we provide to each customer-by the provision of T2P Four level supports i.e by Raising support ticket, Support through online chat, Telephonic support and onsite support where our team will reach at your place within 7 maximum hours.