• SaleTale

    "SaleTale is a Cloud based smart application, It is tailored to help you in managing your entire sales channel efficiently. With our SaleTale smart application you get complete picture, at the same time it helps you automate the business tasks of sales "

  • Visitor Management System

    " VMS is our core product, and till time we have been very much successful in its implementations across various central government organizations like Refineries, pharma & Chemical companies. This is used where high level security check of every person & vehicle coming into the company premises is important. "

  • T2P - Teachers to Parents

    "T2P is a Unique and user friendly structure for Complete School Administration with an effortless communication between teachers and parents."



Pass for Visitors:
This Captures following 4 types of details for a visitor.
Pass Details:Reference no, pass no, valid from, valid to, permissible area, photo, and visit purpose, issued on.
Details of visitor: Name, address, age, no of accompanies and gender etc.
Items allowed for Entry: laptop, mobile, vehicles (vehicle no, driver name, license no), Material consignment (PO number, PO date, driver name etc.) Recommendations/person to meet: Name of recommended person, employee id, designation, dept.


Pass for Service Provider:
Once A Contractor gets associated with organization for any work, system captures all major details of contractor like PO No., Name,Contract Peroid valid from, valid to, present and permanent address, nature of job through a different form called as IVR master. And while generating his pass all these details can be used.


Pass for Service Vehicles:
For vehicle gate pass following are the some of the important fields which are captured during its pass generation.

• Pass details :Reference no, pass no, valid from, valid to, permissible area, photo, visit Purpose, issued on, issued time, smart badge number.

• Details of Applicant :Name of applicant, address.

• Details of vehicle : Vehicle number, vehicle details, engine no, chassis number, insurance data

• Details of vehicle owner & Driver: Name, Address, and License no, License validity. Functions for All passes: New, Create, Issue, Edit, Delete, Ban, Extend and Print.


Benefits (Value Propostion):

Following are some of the points of value proposition the system offers

• Maintain Track of every visitor into the premises& print the visitor may be a normal visitor (1 day in and out), contractor (no of people working in premises under a particular work order/purchase order), vehicle (a vehicle entering into premises, details of vehicle, driver, in time and out time).

 • Generate pass, issue, & print them with important points on printed pass like valid from and valid to date, photograph, area of visit so security person can monitor the individuals on these factors and restrict them for any violation.

• Data Analysis provisions : Generate reports at any instant like current no of visitors along with their details and area of premises they are in , active pass records , expired pass records , extended pass records , in and out time of visitors , no. and details of active contracts along with PO/Work order details.

• As most part of this system is used by security persons, utmost care has been taken while design and development phase. Its user friendly & easy to navigate even for security staff.

• To support above point, a pre scheduled appointment module has been incorporated so that recommending employee for visitor can create an appointment in advance and security person can issue and print the pass with pre filled details.

• System provides great value from security and data analysis point of view. Details captured during whole process can help in decision making , actions for preventive measures , speed up and streamline the complete process of managing visitors for better results.

• SMS can be sent on employee‘s mobile once the visitor he is referring arrives at security Gate.